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At Intric Designs, we know that every business has a unique audience that responds to different messages. Our web design tailors your website to your target audience to not only get you the most qualified leads, but bring the best results. 


Websites are sales machines, if they are designed to be. We create websites with a clear sales process to help customers along their journey with your product or service. 


Building a brand gains the trust of your ideal audience and builds your company’s authority. Build a brand through your online presence that works for you while you sleep.  

Website Design That Meets Your Business Goals

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How can web design help your business grow?

Let’s be honest. In our digital age, it is becoming more and more vital for your business to have an online presence. However, just having that online presence is simply not enough anymore with endless competition for your potential customer’s attention.  Your business website has to not only reflect your company and brand, but it has to accurately define your message to get those high converting results. 

Intric Designs is a New Jersey web design agency that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their current business goals through their website. We prioritize understanding your business, your ideal audience, and your competition to create a web design and sales process that will get you the best results. Our web design solutions help small to mid size businesses either create a new website from scratch or update an existing website that works for you in the best way possible. 

Intric Designs was super professional and reliable with creating my business website. They were insanely creative and gave me a product I absolutely love that is working for my business! My favorite part was the time management - anytime I needed help my designer was able to promptly schedule me in! I highly recommend their services to expand and market your next business endeavor!

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Our Personalized Approach

From prototype to fully functional website


During our free web design consultation, our goal is to get a clear picture of your current business, what is going on now, your sales process, & short/long-term goals of the website (increased leads, better brand authority, generate higher sales, etc.).  This will help us determine if our services is what’s best suited to your unique situation and will help your business grow. 


During this stage, the goal is to analyze your current sales set up and get a clear understanding for how it’s been working for your business. We will do competitor research to see what has been working in your niche and brainstorm a strategy together. This will help us get a comprehensive picture of what’s hurting your business & what could be improved. 


Once we have all the information we need and fully understand your business goals, a unique project plan will be outlined to help get the success your business deserves. This will detail what we believe will deliver the best results. The plan will also include a detailed quote & any additional services that may be suited to your business needs. 


After we decided on a project plan to put in place & a budget that is best suited for your business, we can get started on creating content and  building your website.  We will be in communication every step of the way to answer any questions you may have & ensure we are on the same page. In the end, you will be delivered a website designed for your goals. 

Stop Losing Leads & Have An Online Sales Machine

A website that works for you while you sleep

When people find your website through a search engine such as Google, or social media marketing efforts, they are only likely to spend their money with you if they feel like your product or service perfectly solves their problem. When a website is poorly designed or has ineffective messaging, leads are less likely to be converted to clients. 

With Intric Designs, we focus our web design process on building a solid foundation through an effective sales process and messaging. With a solid foundation for your business in place, leads will be more likely to convert to customers, you will get a higher return on investment through future marketing efforts,  and you will consistently generate growing numbers of sales. 

Stop Waiting & Start Growing

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The Intric Promise

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We take your trust and faith in our service very seriously and want to make sure you get the most value possible. Our promise is to make the process fast, simple, and efficient for you while we do the heavy lifting. 

We will create an online presence that will completely represent your brand, message, and customers. Now, you can get back to what really matters: running your business while we create your perfect sales system. 

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